Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy.

Please refer to our Privacy Page, where it highlights Pathways to Personal Safety’s guidelines on matters related to Privacy procedures.


Unless otherwise indicated, the content of this website is the property of Pathways to Personal Safety under Australian copyright law. The site may also include content whose copyright belongs to third-parties and which has been lawfully included in this site by agreement or specific licence.

Users may use content on our page for personal and non-commercial use, however if you seek to reproduce or otherwise use any of the content available for other purposes, it is your responsibility to obtain approval and you do so at your own risk.

Social Media.

Pathways to Personal Safety is dedicated to developing a social media platform so that members of our organisation are able to discuss, participate in discussions and pose questions they may have in relation to relevant issues. It is our belief that users are entitled to participate in such discussions in a safe and friendly environment. We also believe that users should be entitled to post any discussion or article that they believe is relevant to the service that Pathways to Personal Safety delivers.

We however understand that there is a need to monitor our social media, in order to ensure that the atmosphere remains calm and pleasant and that users are able to participate with ease. A post will be deemed inappropriate and may be removed if it fits the following criteria:

  • Excessive or inappropriate use of swearing
  • Nude, partially nude, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content
  • Unlawful or Misleading Material.
  • Contains personal information or passwords, or the personal details of third parties such as phone numbers, mail or email addresses.
  • Contains computer viruses or files which could adversely affect the operation of¬†Pathways to Personal Safety’s computer systems.
  • Violent, discriminatory or hateful material.
  • Defamatory, slanderous or aggressive attacks on the Company, other individuals, organisations, projects or public figures
  • Breach of copyrighted material not within reasonable use, in the public domain, or available under Creative Commons license
  • Breach of data protection or privacy laws
  • Repetitive advertisements
  • Links to websites which we consider inappropriate or irrelevant to our website and purpose.
  • Topics which fall outside the realms of interest to members and stakeholders, and which do not appear to be within the context of a legitimate discussion or enquiry.